Know What Makes Money

Winning is the KeySome games are more lucrative for you than others. Some slot games are designed to reel you in with their flashy images and well-known franchises, but the odds are more heavily against you with some games than others. It’s okay to play to have fun, of course. But most people have more fun when they are winning than when they are losing, and this means that some games are going to be better for you than others. If you know which slot games and video poker games are the most likely to win you money, then you have a better chance of having fun while you are playing at an online casino.

Video Poker

It is widely known that many video poker games are beatable if you have a good strategy going into the game. You know this, and that means that the casinos know this, too. However, they would be foolish to take away all of your chances of making money. After all, there’s a reason why when you win big at a Las Vegas brick and mortar casino that they publicize it. They might take your picture with an oversized check for their website, or they might announce your name over their loudspeaker system and reward you with a free night or two in the hotel. They know that it is good for their business if people win. If there were no chance of winning, people would never play the games. Your goal then, is to find the games that give you the best chance of winning.

Video poker isn’t a flashy, sexy, game like many of the other slot machine games are. Most of the money that you win will come in very small increments; a few dollars here, a few dollars there. But over the course of time, video poker is one of the most rewarding games out there, granted that you are playing the right ones. Games like Deuces Wild and Double Bonus Poker both have payout rates of slightly higher than 100 percent, which means that more money comes out of these games than goes in. That means you can make money long term here!

The big problem that video poker has is that it doesn’t have the same level of attractiveness that the slots have. But that’s in your favor if you can find a profitable game and keep at it. You want the crowds to stay away, after all. That means more money for you to take away from the online casino.

Progressive Slots

If you are looking for that one big, life changing win, progressive slots are the way to go. The odds of you hitting that win are not good, but the longer you play, the higher your chances become. And even if you sink $100,000 into a progressive slots game online, if you win, you will more than make up your money and your time. That’s why these games are so great. One lucky spin and your life changes. What’s even better is that your chances of winning like this are far better than winning the lottery. If you want to play a slot game, this is where your attention should be spent most. In the rare chance that you hit it big, you will be glad that you knew this.

Other Slots

Some slots are better than others. Ideally, you want a game that pays out 95 percent or more of what goes into it. If a game pays out less than 90 percent, you’re going to lose a lot over time, and that takes away much of the fun of playing.