How Much to Risk Per Spin?

The Risks are Out There

Most people don’t know this, but it is very easy to create a slots strategy. One of the easiest strategies that you can employ is to know when you should max out your bets and when you shouldn’t. There are a handful of games where you should never bet less than the minimum with every spin. The most obvious of these is progressive slots. Think about it this way: if you bet less than the max on most progressive games, what ends up happening is that you are not eligible for the top dollar prizes. You might win a jackpot, but it is only going to be a fraction of what it could be. Instead, the most likely scenario is that you are just going to be contributing to the size of the jackpot so that someone else can win even more. In other words, when you bet less than the max on a progressive game, you are putting money into the game for someone else to keep. That’s a bad strategy.

Another type of game that you should always max out is the “Buy a Pay” variety. Here, you are paying a fee to unlock higher earning potential. Your first coin is to spin the reel, giving you minimum standards of winning. The second coin is the fee, which makes it so you can win a much higher amount. Sometimes this is called the “Bar.” When you unlock the Bar, you stand a much better chance of winning large amounts. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a progressive game, but when you max out your bets here, you suddenly can go from winning nice amounts to winning huge amounts of cash. There are also “Hidden” variations of these games which require you to pay to unlock more potential after other requirements have been met. Again, with a game like this, you should always attempt to max out your bets in order to give yourself the best chances of winning.

There are games where the max bet isn’t going to benefit you. In many multiline games, there is no benefit to this. These games have straight multipliers, so that if you risk 10 cents, the multiplier is the same as if you were to risk $10. The amount per line that you risk doesn’t need to change in order to impact your earnings. Yes, there are ways to make more money here and there with these games, but you don’t need to risk more to win more. Your earnings will be in direct proportion to the risk that you take on. If you want to play at small stakes, this is the type of game for you.

The bottom line is that you need to look at the pay table for the game that you are playing before you begin. You need to know what bets will win what amounts, and you need to form a basic strategy around that pay table. This is the first rule for any online casino game. Look at what you are doing before you begin so that you know what you are up against. Once you have a basic idea of the math that is the equivalent of your earning potential, the decisions that you make on risk a will become much easier to make. It doesn’t matter if you are playing online or at a brick and mortar casino, and it doesn’t matter if you are playing slots, video poker, or a table game. Your payouts are an important factor when determining the risk that you assume, granted the fact that you are hoping to make some money.