Have a System

Make the System Work for YouThe system that you choose isn’t so much about beating the casino. There are plenty of these out there, and the vast majority of them are complete nonsense. Take the Martingale System for example. This system has you doubling your bet every time you lose until eventually you win, and then go back to the minimum bet. Every time you win, what ends up happening is you earn one unit. It’s often marketed as a can’t lose system, but it is more of a scam than anything. What happens when you have doubled your bet up so many times that you can’t go beyond the house max? That can happen quickly when you’re playing online slots or video poker, and when it does, the Martingale ends up hurting you far more than it helps. The end result? You lose money.

What we are talking about here is a system to protect yourself. This is an arbitrary system that you use to make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in a situation where you will make bad decisions. For example, your system can be ridiculously simple, such as never play the reels for more than one hour per day. Time and money are the two biggest factors that influence your ability to play. People make bad decisions when they are tired and when they are losing. If you know this going in, you can avoid it.

Alcohol can also be a huge factor if you find yourself going to your casino app or website when you have had a few drinks in you. Just like alcohol can impact your decision making ability when you’re out at a brick and mortar casino, it can impact you when you are playing at an online casino even more negatively because there are fewer barriers to play when you are at home. If you believe that this will be an issue for you, take steps to avoid it. Whatever it is that you have found hurts you, come up with a system that protects you so you’re not losing money for no reason. There’s nothing worse than waking up after a rough night and finding that you’ve blown a couple grand in your online casino account.

You know yourself better than anyone, and you know what kinds of things impact you emotionally. Maybe you need to set limits on how much you can win or lose in a single sitting. If you lose $10, will you still be able to make good decisions? What if you lose $1,000? If you are up $25, will you take needless risks? What if you are up $2,000? These aren’t just pointless questions, but a way to get you thinking about what dollar amounts will have an emotional toll on you, and therefore impact your ability to play in a smart manner at the casino of your choice.

The system that you come up with is to protect yourself from losses, but it also protects your winnings. If you are up $100, and your system says to empty that $100 from your account and put it back in your bank account, do it. Instead of perhaps losing that $100 a few minutes later, you will have an extra $100 in a few days that you can spend however you want. While it’s true that you need money to make money, this system acts as a mental boost to make sure that your winnings are protected and you can keep playing and perhaps make even more money the next time you sit down to play the slots. It’s a mental trick, but it really works for most people.