Focus Where it Matters

Get the Works DownPeople naturally focus their attention where it matters, but it’s important to be conscious of this. When you know what you are looking for out of an online casino, then the process of picking the right slot machine becomes much easier, and a ton more fun. It doesn’t matter what your idea of fun is, you can find it, especially if you know the factors that will determine your level of fun. You don’t have to overanalyze your game or anything like that, you just need to know what you like.

Think of your levels of fun as a spectrum. On one side of the spectrum is entertainment value. On the other side of it is profitability. If you enjoy playing games and are not concerned about the outcome, then just pick the games that look like they are the most fun to you and go for it. If you are more concerned about profits, then take some time and find a game that you know you have a chance of winning. As we’ve mentioned before, some games have a better chance of being beaten than others. For example, a game that has a positive overall payout, like Joker Poker, will give you more money long term than a low payout slot machine, especially if you play the minimum risk amount every hand. Believe it or not, statistics say that your rate of return is much lower when you play smaller denominations than when you play larger ones. For example, one study showed a return to player number of only 89.36 percent on penny slots, while $100 slots had an outstanding return to player rate of 96.04 percent. That’s a difference of more than $5 for every $100 you bet. In other words, if you want to make money, focus is extremely important.

There’s a fine line between profitability and fun. Some people have the most fun when they have put hours and hours into researching the best games and the best way to play them. Other people get more kicks out of playing a game based on their favorite television show, and never take into consideration whether they are getting the most bang out of their buck. In other words, some people have fun when their chances of making money are at their highest, while others don’t care about the money but on the game and the vibe it creates. Where you fall on that spectrum is up to you. Regardless, if you focus on the right things, then you are far more likely to have fun while you play, and it doesn’t even matter what your definition of fun is.

If fun is important to you, then you might be willing to trade a few bucks here and there and consider it the price of entertainment. That’s completely okay. You shouldn’t feel bad about that or try to change that. Just know about it and then play accordingly.

Let’s put it this way: if you want to have fun, then you need to find the right games. If you like poker, then find a video poker machine that you enjoy and go with it. If you like slot machines, then find one with a nice interface and a theme that you know and enjoy. If you want to make money, find a video poker machine with a positive payout rate, a progressive video poker game, or a progressive online slot game. There are tons of choices, you just have to find what suits you. And once you have the right focus on your gaming selection, the rest takes care of itself.