Building Out the Slot Strategy

Get to the Winning Side

Today, I wanted to write about a specific strategy that has the ability to influence how often you win while playing slot machines. It’s based upon a complex math concept called standard deviation, and although it might seem a little overwhelming at first, it’s something that with some practice, you can actually do in your head. That doesn’t matter at all though when you’re playing online slots from your home computer. You can actually have a calculator and a notepad out while you open up your casino software and figure out precisely what it is you should be doing. Practicing this math in your head can be beneficial to you if you are planning a trip to Vegas and plan on going to a brick and mortar casino.

The first step is to choose a game that uses what is known as an “equal ratio.” This is pretty easy to figure out once you know what to look for. Basically, you just want a game that pays the same kind of payout regardless of the stakes. That means that if the jackpot is 10x at a penny, the jackpot should be 10x at a dollar. Next, spend quite a bit of time playing at the lowest level you can. This is your research phase, not the main phase. You should play at least 100 spins, preferably more. Every time you spin, take note of the results. Did you win or did you lose? If you won, how much did you win? This is where you are determining what’s going to figure out what’s going to happen when you up the ante.

The next step is where it gets fun. You take the spins that have the highest likelihood of success, and then bet the max you can on them. You take the spins that have the lowest likelihood of success, and risk the bare minimum on them. Over time, what ends up happening is that you have more at risk when your chances of winning are best, and you have less at risk when they’re not so good. You are maximizing gains and minimizing losses. And the more data you have as you begin utilizing this strategy, the better your results are. That means that you shouldn’t stop recording data once you start varying your bets, but rather keep going so that you can build up as accurate of a portrayal as you can of the games that you are playing. More data equals a better chance of you winning, so keep going with this, even if it gets boring or tedious. It will help you win more money as you keep playing.

So, let’s say you know that a winning spin occurs 20 percent of the time, and you have spun four times without a win. 20 percent equals one out of five, so you are becoming due for a win on this fifth spin, and therefore should raise the stakes.

Of course, this is theoretical, and it is not what’s going to happen every single time you sit down to play. The bigger question you should be asking is whether or not this method of winning slots is accurate? To a degree. Each spin is random chance, but it is only a semi-independent occurrence, meaning that what happened on the last spin doesn’t directly influence the next spin, but there is still some weight given. Thanks to the fact that these are video slots and not the old fashioned mechanical type, this method has some merit to it as the machines do calculate results as they go and use that data moving forward. You won’t find yourself predicting the outcome of every single spin here, but you should find that your ability to predict outcomes has slightly improved, giving you an ever so small increase in the edge you have.